Acne Tips: Consistency is Key

Posted under Acne Treatments by swright on Tuesday 2 November 2010

source:flickr by:Glideric

Battling acne may include staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest acne products, learning about the causes of acne, or striving to maintain a healthier lifestyle. All of these are worthless, however, if you fail to stay consistent when it comes to your treatment for acne of choice. Even the best acne treatment won’t have a chance if diligent use isn’t employed!

Staying consistent may be difficult for those who aren’t used to maintaining a self-imposed regimen. If your life’s daily activities allows for variation, chances are you’ll succumb to the ease which accompanies the lack of a schedule. Therefore, if you’re committed to fighting your acne, you may need to begin by promising yourself to stay consistentno matter what!

A dependable acne regimen will look different based on the severity of acne, the treatments used, and the person’s daily commitments. Some regimens will be more complicated than others, but persistent adherence will lead seamlessly into habit, and before too long you’ll forget you’re even following a regimen!

To begin building a daily regimen, start with outlining the acne treatments you wish to use. Then, elaborate upon those treatments until a step-by-step guide has been created. For example, if a holistic treatment, such as a raw, antioxidant-rich diet is being employed, a written eating plan will help keep consistency within day-to-day life. Start a recipe box, and research meals that include your favorite ingredients. When it’s time to grocery shop, use the recipe cards to build your grocery list. This will help eliminate mindless buying (and eating!) and lead you to clearer skin.

For topical treatment users, posting a bulleted skin care regimen next to the bathroom mirror may help remind you to use your products, and motivate you when you’re feeling groggy or defeated. Line your acne treatment products up in order of use, and keep the space tidy. Having an orderly way of applying your treatments will make it a more relaxing experience, and will keep you from forgetting if you’ve already used a certain treatment product.

Above all, find what motivates you. If the thought of an extra piece of dark chocolate will help you want to apply your acne spot treatment, invest in some high-quality chocolate bars! If a special dress is calling your name from the shop window, allow yourself the splurge after a month of diligence! Or, simply remember that consistent regimen-following will lead to clearer, healthier skin. For an acne sufferer, what’s better motivation than that?